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All about Fats – Trim and Tone with Pleasure (S²ER²)

It is common knowledge that our health is usually what we eat. The risk of many health issues such as obesity, stroke, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases could be cwtminimized with a healthy nutritious diet. There are many  risk factors (excess fat, sugar, salt, smooking …) that could contribute to poor health. Our main focus today however will be on Fats. Read the rest of this entry

Trim and Tone with Pleasure – S²ER²: The secret to lose weight and keep it

Beet Root Smoothie

Beet Roots Smoothie

Have you ever dreamed of having the body of a top model? Have you ever passed by the stores and see this amazing size 2 dress and think “if only I could wear it?” Have you ever opened your Facebook page and first thing you land on is your size “0” friend’s picture? And then you have these countless fashion magazines, fitness coaches on TV, all telling you, you can have that body in 2 weeks, 4 weeks.

Well I am here to tell you, yes you can, but not that quick. Those tv adds and magazines are misleading. To lose weight AND maintain it, you have to go slow. Slow and Steady, Eat Right and Exercise Right (S²ER²) are the key formula to a lifetime of weight loss and Slim Fit. Quick fixes do not exist in losing weight and maintaining it – as they do not only make you to eventually gain back more weight, they are also a huge health risk. Be skeptical of any diet that promise records in a few days or weeks. You do not only want to lose weight to look good for the moment, you want to lose weight to stay forever fit and trim. And that is what this series is all about. Read the rest of this entry


The Last Immigrant Splendisheryl1

The Last Immigrant

Sheryl Ndasi of Splendisheryl and myself, have decided to embark on a six months sports Challenge. We are calling on all our friends and followers to join us.

As well as maintain a balanced weight gain and fight obesity, engaging in regular physical exercises is very effective in increasing lifespan, decreasing the effects of aging and benefiting the cardiovascular system.

Sheryl and I have decided on Jogging. Why? Because, Jogging can be very helpful in reducing the risk of lung, colon, breast and prostate cancers, among others.  It prevents muscle and bone damage that often occurs with age, improves heart performance and blood circulation and assists in preserving a balanced weight gain. So as you can see, jogging is Diamond, and the good news is, you can have it for FREE. All you need is your running gear and off you hit the tracks, any day, any time. You do not necessarily need a gym to run. Open air/Outdoor running is even much better than using a treadmill as it improves energy level and increases concentration. If you are an indoor running person, then please keep at it. Important is, you keep exercising. We are starting on Feb 2, doing 2 days a week per 30 minutes and slowly build up speed and pace. You can start with less, you can start with more. Essential is, you determine the rhythm that works best for you.

Read the rest of this entry

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