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My Review on “Fifty Shades of Grey”


50 Shades of Grey is a love story.  But it goes beyond that. It is a story about two characters with different sexual desires.  A story of a man who got introduced into a sexual habit he became a victim of. A story of a woman who falls in love and tries to come to terms with her man’s sexuality. 50 Shades is about desire, erotic and the will to love or not to love. It is about  daring to embrace the other and leaving your comfort zone. A roller coaster of emotions, decisions, compromises and how to find a common ground, with both characters not completely willing to give in to the other. The movie is funny and witty, yes the first scene starts with a laugh and you laugh your way through.

I do not see any form of abuse on the female protagonist in 50 Shades nor understand why people call it an anti-feminist movie.  From the beginning both the protagonist know exactly what they were getting into, and agreed to it. All the women mentioned were neither lied to nor forced into DSMS.

I now intend to read all the books and yes I will definitely watch the sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey!


Mama had gone to the market and papa to work when uncle Ngwa, papa’s best friend, came in with this girl.

She was tall, about 1,75m, 20 years of age perhaps. She had long dark curly hair falling down her shoulders, bumping and bouncing as she went along. Her colour was dark ebony and she walked with the graceful gait of a cat. She had the face of an angel and her body was one to die for.

She was wearing a black neck-halter blouse, fitting tight to every curve of her angelic body. Her breasts underneath her blouse were firm and subtle, with the rounded nipple imprinted clearly at the front. Her slim-tight fitting white jeans brought out the roundness and firmness of her taut bottoms, doing things to my blood pressure a visit to the doctor wouldn’t help.

As they came closer, she looked at me. Her eyes were hazel, a combination of brown and green. It was the most beautiful eyes I ever saw. I never saw such colours before in an African woman. I was enveloped in them, sucked up and packaged off, lost and thrown away forever. And then she smiled at me. A kind of heat break through my body, as I shivered as if cold. I looked into her eyes, enveloped in her smile and I knew I was lost forever.

I went to uncle Ngwa, hugged him as I took his briefcase. “Welcome uncle.”

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