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A letter to Mama

Dear mama,
Where do I start?
How do I start?
I know you are watching over us mama.
I know heaven is a good place.

oh mama, I hurt so bad
I miss you mama
I sit and think of all the things I want to tell you.
Sharon is in secondary school, mama. She will be graduating form five in 2 months.
She looks just like aunty Ethel mama, at least that is what most people say.
She loves eating Eru mama, she loves music. She sings like an angel, she laughs like an Angel.
And Nnoko mama, he is adorable. He is now 10. He loves sports. He loves t.v. mama. He looks like daddy.
How is he doing mama? I know he is sitting there beside you in heaven.
I miss daddy mama.
Tell him I love him.
Tell him Nnoko looks just like him. He said he wants to be a doctor, do you know that mama? He wants to be a doctor, just like daddy. Yes, daddy would be very proud of him.

Oh mama, I hurt so bad.
He hit me again mama, he hit me yesterday. He told me he didn’t love me.
He told me he was leaving me for her.
He took the motar pistle mama. It landed on my side.
I felt my ribs breaking. And then he pulled my hair. It came off my scalp mama.
He was drunk again. He said I was a bitch. He said I was bringing him down.
He said my family was rotten; that we were filled with disease. And that our disease was affecting him.
He told me to leave mama, he said I should leave.
I should go with my evil possessed children.
Mechane is just a baby. Yes, I named her after you.
She is a beauty. She looks just like you mama. She smiles like a fairy.
She laughs all the time, my little angel.
She keeps me going mama. They all keep me going.

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