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My world is non-existent without Tennis, Football (Soccer) and Formula 1. This is my medium to share with the world my love for sports and my take on some particular athletes. I am always open to follow and enjoy other sports apart of the 3 listed here. For example, when I am in the USA, I love watching the NBA. In Europe it is a bit unfortunate because of the time difference. If you are into other sport types, please I will love to get your enthusiasm for it, share and win us over.

All about Fats – Trim and Tone with Pleasure (S²ER²)

It is common knowledge that our health is usually what we eat. The risk of many health issues such as obesity, stroke, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases could be cwtminimized with a healthy nutritious diet. There are many  risk factors (excess fat, sugar, salt, smooking …) that could contribute to poor health. Our main focus today however will be on Fats. Read the rest of this entry

Why we gain weight: Errors we make while dieting

Dear readers,

Welcome to Week 1 of our series on Trim and Tone with Pleasure – S²ER²: The secret to lose weight and keep it. Sorry for posting one day late. As promised, for the next 8 weeks, we are going to inform you and give you useful tips on nutrition and how best to consume food. Not only that, but we are also here to help you lose weight and keep it – without going hungry, without giving up on any nutrients. Yes, you can lose weight on a full and saturated stomach. Last week, we had some basics on the necessary tools for weight loss. Today, we will delve a step deeper and discuss some of the reasons why we gain weight and the errors we make while dieting. These are necessities to know in the process to your perfect body size.

Dieting: Why we gain weight

Calories Intake: If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. This is a popular knowledge for being the number one factor why we gain weight. While this is true, there are many other factors that contribute in our piling up the kilo. Just keep in mind that, to maintain your weight, you need ca. 2360 kcal/day. To lose 0.5 kg/week you need an intake of ca. 1,860 kcal/day. To lose 1 kg/week, you need an intake of ca. 1,360 kcal/day. Minimum calories intake for weight loss for women is 1200 kcal/day and 1500 kcal/day for men.

Multiple Diets: Actually, diets are supposed to make you lose weight. But if one diet follows the other, they tend to make you fat instead. This is so because, when you start a new diet, your body realizes this and it goes into an automatic “saving” mood. It uses less energy so as to get along with the tight supply. When you end your diet, your body continues in its saving mood and saves up the increased calories (for rainy days). What happens is a jo-jo effect. Your weight climbs up. This is especially true with crash diets.

Fats: No other food nutrient has as much calories as fat. Fats contain more calories than proteins and carbs put together. While our body fat vs carbseasily absorbs fats, it uses up carbs for energy. Thus consuming carb rich foods such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruits, will not only fill you up, but you will take in fewer calories as well. How much fat you should consume and its health benefits/damages will be the topic of our next week issue.

Stress and Heartache: For some people, when they are stressed up, when they want to calm down their nerves maybe after a stressful day at work or a stressful presentation, or they just want to feel good after a stressful situation, they turn to food. Eating comforts them. For others, they turn to food because of boredom or heartache, making you eat erratically, most often the wrong things, gaining more weight.

Age: as you grow older, your metabolic process slows down and the muscle percentage in your body drops. Already at the age of 25, your calorie intake should reduce. If you keep eating as usual and also do not exercise, you start gaining weight slowly but continuously.

CWT Chicken Stew

CWT Chicken stew (4 pers.)  Read the rest of this entry

Trim and Tone with Pleasure – S²ER²: The secret to lose weight and keep it

Beet Root Smoothie

Beet Roots Smoothie

Have you ever dreamed of having the body of a top model? Have you ever passed by the stores and see this amazing size 2 dress and think “if only I could wear it?” Have you ever opened your Facebook page and first thing you land on is your size “0” friend’s picture? And then you have these countless fashion magazines, fitness coaches on TV, all telling you, you can have that body in 2 weeks, 4 weeks.

Well I am here to tell you, yes you can, but not that quick. Those tv adds and magazines are misleading. To lose weight AND maintain it, you have to go slow. Slow and Steady, Eat Right and Exercise Right (S²ER²) are the key formula to a lifetime of weight loss and Slim Fit. Quick fixes do not exist in losing weight and maintaining it – as they do not only make you to eventually gain back more weight, they are also a huge health risk. Be skeptical of any diet that promise records in a few days or weeks. You do not only want to lose weight to look good for the moment, you want to lose weight to stay forever fit and trim. And that is what this series is all about. Read the rest of this entry

#AusOpen 2015 – Serena Williams wins her 19th Grand Slam title

Serena Williams, winner #AO2015

Serena Williams, winner #AO2015

Grit, strokes and drama accompanied the ladies final today in Melbourne Parks. It was their 17th encounter, with Williams winning the last 14. It was time for Sharapova to break the trend, but no matter how much she tried, and try she did, the Rod Laver Arena belonged to Serena Williams. The world Nr.1 took the first game of the first set after an unfortunate double fault from the 2nd seed, going into an early break lead.  With fantastic angle shots, sharp returns and rocket serves, Serena took the first set 6-3 in just 47 minutes.

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AO2015 – Serena Williams (#1) and Maria Sharapova(#2) are set for a Dream Finals in Melbourne Parks


33 years old and world No. 1 Serena Williams, wins compatriot 19 years old Madison Keys to qualify for the finals of the Australian Open after five years, in straight sets 7-6 6-2. Williams who had some difficulties in the first set against the very talented and hard knocking Ms Keys said, she “was just happy to get through it today.” Keys had 8 more winners to the No. 1’s nineteen, 12 Aces almost equalling her opponent’s 13; But Serena’s apparent experience, forced her young opponent into making 23 unforced errors more than the No. 1, thus hooking the game to her advantage. La Williams was clearly the better player today, but Madison established that she was a force to reckon with in the future.

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