The Last Immigrant is all about journeys, passion,  and perception(s).

It is about leaving home and travelling abroad, beyond, over the seas and above the horizons; of experiences in the foreign and the unknown. Of my view, her view, their view, our views. Books, sports, food, habits and LIFE!

It is about reading and writing. An enthusiastic reader of books – fiction and non-fiction alike, Books and stories have been an integral part of my life from the time I was about 8 years old. My passion for literature accompanied me all my life through school and university. With me, you can discuss books from all eras and genres, be it medieval, post-colonial, Victorian, Comedy, Tragedy, Contemporary etc. I don’t limit myself in the world of books. My preferences are the Novel and Short story forms, but bring on drama or poetry and I will give it a go. I will be sharing a lot about books in this blog. Books I have read, my take on them, recommendations from me, friends etc. You can follow me on Goodreads to see what I am currently reading and some of the books I have read. For my avid reader friends and followers, please share your take and recommendations.

I sometimes write short stories and poetry. I will be sharing some of my stories on this blog, those of the life of an immigrant, but not limited. Being a mom of 2 teenagers, it is difficult to delve full-time into writing; but I try my possible best to create time for this passion, alongside juggling family and work life. Hope you enjoy the stories and I do gladly appreciate feedback, in any form.

Sports, oh boy, don’t I love sports. I am an avid lover of tennis, football and Formula 1. My favorite tennis players are Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal. You just got to admire the power and grace they bring to tennis. I will go sleepless nights singing praises for my beloved FC Bayern München. My friends always make fun of me, because at any given time, you will find me wanting to marry all the boys on the pitch. In car racing, no one drives a car like Lewis Hamilton. I call him the dare-devil of Formula 1. You will be getting my take on these great athletes and many others on these pages.

Travelling happen to be one of my hobbies as well. I will share with you some of the interesting places I go to and some places I will love to visit. I will also share friends’ travels and recommendations.

All in all, you will be getting just about anything that ticks Mbole. I hope you enjoy the blog and please leave comments and notes.

Have a pleasant ride in The Last Immigrant’s world and thoughts.

Thank you for passing by.

Mbole D Nnane

The Last Immigrant.


  1. Sharing is caring and if it helps someone to improve their life and experiences as an immigrant then you have changed their live. Good luck and you know I got your back anytime. Grease!

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  2. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to savor your articles dear 😀


  3. Well, now, what a beautiful arena you have set up here, much as we might tend to disagree in some aspects of tennis and football, though the credentials you attribute to LH are quite befitting. Am very enthusiastic about reading, sharing and learning more, Mbole, and look forward to rattling your heart and mind as well as having mine rattled, too. A massive thumbs-up and many inspirations along this walk through the gardens of love and passion for life!

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  4. Great writing Delph, keep it up and hope to read more from you. Congrat once more


  5. Awesome blog keep up the great work

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  6. Thank you kwedu Adu. I am glad you like it


  7. Ashawo Man Pkin

    Interesting …. !!!

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  8. Good one here Bundes babe….Anxious to read more from you…


  9. I di wait vibes. Na all that. All that knowledge needs to be transferred.. 🙂


  10. About time, oh great scribe. Congrats, babes and keep it going!


  11. Frederic Kansas

    Very good story, it reminds me time I was in Germany.
    Keep it up


  12. Finally!


  13. I love the short stories. Behold your dream will come true of writing your own novel keep it alive and make sure you live it, live it Del don#t keep it a dream. Take one day and a time the rest will be hostory. ❤ <<3

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