Impact your World – Pinnacle International School, a place where learning becomes a passion

Pinnacle School main building

Pinnacle School main building

On today’s issue, we will talk about two vigorous Cameroonians, Louis Nforbelie Ngwa and Nicoline Neh Tamufor Epse Ngwa, who having partly lived, travelled and worked abroad, decided it was time to invest and give back to the community some of the knowledge and experiences gained in the foreign. Nicoline had the privilege of living abroad as a child and teenager, as her parents were diplomats. Louis, a university of Yaounde 1 graduate and a construction environmentalist, is currently working on the SCPX pipeline project in Azerbaijan. He has worked in several countries on various pipeline projects including the Chad Cameroon Pipleline project in 2001, BTC/SCP Pipeline project in Georgia, Sakhalin Pipeline project in Russia, WREP project in Azerbaijan, Ambatovy Slurry pipeline project in Madagascar and the PNG-LNG pipelines project in Papua New Guinea.

Louis and Nicoline

Nicoline and Louis

Together, Louis and Nicoline in 2012 founded the Pinnacle Group Cameroon plc, a private limited company that owns and operates Pinnacle of Success International School and Pinnacle Consulting Services. The Group also operates a Charity known as Pinnacle for the Underprivileged (P4U), whose principal objective is the sponsorship of underprivileged and/or vulnerable children. The Charity already has one underprivileged pupil studying free of charge at Pinnacle of Success International School. Louis stated that “coming from very poor and humble beginnings and benefiting from help left and right” has taught him “the act of giving back to family and your community which certainly is something I will like to do more.” The couple intends for the number of free chances for underprivileged children to steadily increase with time.

Our main focus for today is on the School.

Nursery school pupil

Nursery school pupil

Pinnacle of Success International School, situated along the Douala-Bertoua Highway in Ekoumdoum – Yaounde, Cameroon, is an ultra-modern Anglo-Saxon Institution, where “learning becomes a passion.” A place in which you will find young children gracing the corridors and classrooms with their purple skirt/trousers, white shirts with pink ribbons or a bold tie for boys, navy blue pullover, white socks and black shoes, always with the passion to learn.

The school currently operates a pre-nursery, a Kindergarten and a primary school section. Understanding the importance of Information technology in our world of today, the pupils of Pinnacle primary are being thought already the basics of Computing. ICT, Environmental Science, Health Science, Sign Language, Sports, Mathematics, Languages, Music, Craft/plastic arts are amongst some of the subjects taught. The Ngwa’s envisage a secondary and High School section in a couple of years and also intend to extend to other regions of Cameroon such as the North West and Littoral Regions. For more on the school curriculum and its academic year, click here

The school choir

The school choir

Pinnacle has one of the most modern teaching facilities in Cameroon and was rated last academic year as the school with the best sanitary facilities in Yaounde 5. Having gone through poorly structured schools with little or no infrastructure themselves, it is important to the Ngwa’s that today’s pupil should have it better. The premises of the school includes a one story building with 16 spacious classrooms, 16 ultra-modern toilets and washing facilities; A Computer Lab and a library with internet services equipped with overhead projector and sound system; 2 Staff rooms; A school Canteen  and an infirmary where a qualified nurse do routine visits. A second building is currently under construction which shall increase the above infrastructure by two-fold and also make up for the secondary section of the school and a science lab.



What makes Pinnacle school different from other schools in the area and the country as a whole is the fact that, the school offers a safe and caring environment with a dedicated staff equipped to impact knowledge to its pupils. It is a fun environment where there is a close partnership between learners, teachers/staff and parents/guardians. Pinnacle makes learning become a passion. It provides international standards at very affordable prices to give the average Cameroonian the chance to enrol their children into an institution which otherwise would have been reserved for the elite class. It provides a platform for multi-domain learning and teaching activities using techniques that increase a one-on-one contact between teacher and pupil daily; a weekly evaluation and feedback to parents as well as a monthly one-on-one interaction between teacher and parent/guardian. Pinnacle of Success International School ten years down the lane should be one of the leaders of education in Yaounde, Cameroon and Africa at large.

Field trip

Field trip

When asked why the couple both decided to settle and invest in Cameroon considering all the advantages they can have abroad, Louis answered, “like most Cameroonians, we have had our opportunities to migrate and live overseas, but that’s one idea that has not been of major interest to us. What we both strive to do is give ourselves and the communities around us the standards we find overseas.” To them, Pinnacle school is about the satisfaction “it brings to produce a future generation with those core values that we hold so dear.” Those core values being Morality, Excellence and Leadership. The school intends to instil these values on its pupils through its colourful variety of curricular and extra-curricular activities. Louis stated that Pinnacle’s vision was “to produce a future generation of world-class competitive and competent leaders of high moral rectitude and integrity.” Nicoline added that, “Pinnacle School strives to deliver quality education to learners in a happy, safe, caring and conducive environment, aimed at laying a solid foundation and providing knowledge with growth adapted to an always evolving educational society.” For the couple, Pinnacle of Success International School is a passion, a passion “we now have engraved in our bones.”

Parents at Christmas Party

Parents at Christmas Party

It is worth applauding this dynamic and benevolent couple. Their action is exemplary to all Cameroonians in the country and abroad; especially those willing to go back home to invest.  Pinnacle school still has a long way to go in becoming an established educational institution in Cameroon; this cannot be possible without the contribution of the parents. Thus Louis and Nicoline appeal to you parents to join them enhance Pinnacle’s moto of Achieving Excellence Together. Send your kids to Pinnacle; send them to where learning becomes a passion. Together with Louis and Nicoline, you could make Pinnacle a reference Institution of learning for your children and your children’s children.

To contact the school, please click here

For more information on admission and payments, please click here

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  1. Good one Last Immigrant. We go see how go impact our world.

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  2. Always good to see yood stuff done in Cameroon. Kudos and courage to them…

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  3. Yes, with Pinnacle, the future is bright..thumps up!

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  4. I am in awe of their accomplishments!

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  5. Ndiashea Ngante

    This is remarkable and intrigues me much. I am recommending your efforts; this could be the kind of authorship our community needs. Kudos!

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  6. I never knew we do have such a good school back home apart from the norms we all know about. Great!!!Thanks for bring it to our notice. Let them keep up with the good work.

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  7. This is like a breathe of fresh air reading something so insipring and encouraging happening back here. It is a an example worth emulating. Keep up the good work.

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  8. I love to see this going on in Cameroon. It helps to educate our young ones and hopefully they will in turn educate others. Domino effect…thanks for sharing!

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  9. This is awesome! Truly inspiring, job well done!

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  10. I applaud the couple for this great initiative which is definitely an example of taking the knowledge and expertise learnt in the West and applying it to your context. I can definitely see myself sending my kids to this school because there is also focus on extracurricular activities which is generally missing in our schools!

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  11. Ngu Edimo Achunkwe

    That’s my bros and the wife doing their thing. I trust them to doing more in the future in extending the branches of this seed of academic institutional revelation to other parts of the country

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  12. This is what Cameroonians should do instead of runaway to the what so called promise land. Louise and Nicky has always had a dream. A dream to make the world a better place. Preparing the next generation of human beings who are worthy to be praised. You are not only training the head but the heart.

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  13. Wow, thank you all for the appreciation of the work being done at Pinnacle. We are a long way from where we envisage to be but together we can attain this goal.

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