A letter to Mama

Dear mama,
Where do I start?
How do I start?
I know you are watching over us mama.
I know heaven is a good place.

oh mama, I hurt so bad
I miss you mama
I sit and think of all the things I want to tell you.
Sharon is in secondary school, mama. She will be graduating form five in 2 months.
She looks just like aunty Ethel mama, at least that is what most people say.
She loves eating Eru mama, she loves music. She sings like an angel, she laughs like an Angel.
And Nnoko mama, he is adorable. He is now 10. He loves sports. He loves t.v. mama. He looks like daddy.
How is he doing mama? I know he is sitting there beside you in heaven.
I miss daddy mama.
Tell him I love him.
Tell him Nnoko looks just like him. He said he wants to be a doctor, do you know that mama? He wants to be a doctor, just like daddy. Yes, daddy would be very proud of him.

Oh mama, I hurt so bad.
He hit me again mama, he hit me yesterday. He told me he didn’t love me.
He told me he was leaving me for her.
He took the motar pistle mama. It landed on my side.
I felt my ribs breaking. And then he pulled my hair. It came off my scalp mama.
He was drunk again. He said I was a bitch. He said I was bringing him down.
He said my family was rotten; that we were filled with disease. And that our disease was affecting him.
He told me to leave mama, he said I should leave.
I should go with my evil possessed children.
Mechane is just a baby. Yes, I named her after you.
She is a beauty. She looks just like you mama. She smiles like a fairy.
She laughs all the time, my little angel.
She keeps me going mama. They all keep me going.

What do I do mama? I got nowhere to go. You know I gave up everything for Ediage.
He sold the entire plots, all the houses. Everything is gone.
Our cars, our properties, my inheritance, he squandered all.
I didn’t complete high school mama. How do I get a job?
Daddy wanted me to marry Ediage.
You said it would be alright, mama. You told me you married younger.
You told me he would take care of me and my children. You told me that was all I needed mama.
A good hard working man; a man like Ediage.
He lost his job mama. He lost everything. He told me it was not my concern.
He told me he was the man. He told me I should shut up and look after the children.
He told me that is all I will ever be good at.
He told me he needed an educated woman.
She is a pharmacist mama. She came from America. He told me she would take him to America.
He told me he is better than me mama. He told me to go.

What do I do mama? Where do I go to mama?
I have nobody. I have no education. I can’t leave mama.
You told me a good wife stays by her husband.
You told me a good wife takes it all.
He hit me again mama. He told me to leave.
He told me he was having a new baby.
I am hurting mama, I am hurting.

It hurts so bad, mama.
What do I do, where do I go!
I love you mama
Tell daddy I love him
Tell him I am dying

Oh mama, it hurts so bad.

About The Last Immigrant

The Last Immigrant is about writing - writing all about journeys, passion, perception(s). It is about leaving home and travelling beyond, over the seas and above the horizons; of experiences in the foreign and the unknown. Of my view, her view, their view, our views. An enthusiast reader of books, fiction and non-fiction alike, books and stories have been an integral part of my life from the time I was about 8 years old. My passion for literature accompanied me all my life through school and university. With me, you can discuss books from all eras and genres, be it the classics, post-colonial, Victorian, Comedy, Tragedy, Contemporary etc. I don’t limit myself in the world of books. My preferences are the Novel and Short story, but bring on Drama or poetry and I will give it a go. I will be sharing a lot about books in this blog. Books I have read, my take on them, recommendations from me, friends etc. You can follow me on Book Read to see what I am currently reading. I sometimes write short stories and poetry. I will be sharing some of my stories on this blog. Being a mom of 2 teenagers, it is difficult to delve full time into writing; but I try as best as I can to create time for this alongside juggling family and work life. Hope you enjoy the stories. Sports, oh boy, don’t I love sports. I am an avid lover of tennis, football and Formula 1. My favourite tennis players happen to be Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal. I will go sleepless nights singing praises for my beloved FC Bayern München. In car racing, no one drives a car like Lewis Hamilton. You will be getting my take on these great athletes and many others on these pages. Travelling happen to be one of my hobbies as well. I will try and share with you some of the interesting places I go to with a literary twist to it. All in all, you will be getting just about anything that ticks Mbole. I hope you enjoy the blog and please leave comments and notes. Have a pleasant ride in The Last Immigrant’s world and thoughts. Thank you for passing by. Mbole D Nnane The Last Immigrant.

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  1. That is very fascinating, You’re an overly professional blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and stay up for looking for more
    of your fantastic post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my
    social networks

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  2. I just want wanted to glance through…got carried away and read to the end…..

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  3. I forgot what I first wrote as critic of this poem but hey this is very captivating.
    The trials of a young girl in our age today who sacrifice everything for a man; who has to forgo alot of dreams to obey her parent’s wish etc. The typical blame shift is so rampant here as is so often the case when some men rather blame women for their misfortunes instead of accepting defeat and failure.
    The lady has a beckon of light she can hang on her daughter but she sounds confused through out and emotionally stressed. You captured the plight of many a woman here but I wish at the end there could have been a clue that she’s strong and ready to keep fighting. Great piece all the same. Love it.


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